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Bicycling from Connellsville PA to Washington DC

On 10/15/2016 Ingrid and I returned from a 300 mile – 9 day bicycle trip that was even better than the 2008 ride. We left Connellsville on the Great Allegheny Passage on Oct. 7th and arrived via the C&O Towpath in Washington, DC on Oct. 15th. Overall, with the exception of a bit of cold and rain on Oct. 8th, the weather was great and the adventure even better!

We averaged a bit over 30 miles/day with a couple of 40+ miles days as needed to make the next destination and “credit card camped” (mostly stayed at B&Bs) to keep it relaxed and fun. On the last leg into DC we had an interesting stay for Friday evening 10/14 at Lock House 22 . If only the fireplace was working!

Ingrid did a great job of cycling for her first ever long distance ride. She got to experience sunny days, cold days, rain and lots of mud and puddles on the C&O Towpath.

We took the AMTRAK Capitol Limited (train 29) back to Connellsville from the Washington DC Union Station on Oct 15 and used the Roll On/ Roll Off service to transport our bicycles which worked quite nicely.